Helping You Plan for the Future Using Wills and Trusts

Whether you are approaching retirement or are just starting your career, it is important to ensure what you are working for is protected, for you and for your loved ones. At Babut Law Offices, PLLC, we know the importance of protecting what you have worked so hard to earn throughout your life.

Our attorneys work closely with clients to ensure their wishes and assets are protected through the use of wills and trusts, along with other estate planning tools. With offices in Ypsilanti, Taylor, Jackson and Adrian, we provide clients with the compassionate and knowledgeable guidance they need throughout the course of creating, reviewing and revising wills and trusts.

The Benefits of a Will

To ensure your estate is distributed according to your wishes upon your death, it is important to have a detailed last will and testament created. While there are many do-it-yourself wills online, having a lawyer on your side during the crafting of your will can be beneficial. Your lawyer can advise you of your rights, assess all of your assets and determine how to compose the will so it is as thoroughly protective as possible.

If you die without a will, your estate will progress through probate and be distributed by the state according to the law. The beneficiaries you wish to receive your estate proceeds may not be entitled to them under the current laws. This is why a will is important, as it dictates who is to benefit from your estate.

Types of Trusts

Contrary to popular belief, trusts are not only for the wealthy. A trust can be beneficial to anyone who is looking to protect assets for their future use or future distribution to named beneficiaries. Our firm handles all aspects of the creation and funding of a wide range of trusts, including:

  • Revocable trusts: A revocable trust can be changed at any point in the creator’s lifetime. The creator of the trust benefits from the trust income while they are still alive, and the remaining trust assets and property are distributed to the beneficiaries upon the creator’s death.
  • Special needs trusts: Establishing a special needs trust for a disabled minor child or adult is important, as it allows them to receive income without rendering them ineligible for any disability benefits.
  • Other trusts: We also handle the creation of many other types of trusts, including irrevocable trusts, charitable trusts and life insurance trusts.

Talk to us About Your Estate Planning Needs

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