Should You Stop Working Due to Disability?

Inability to work due to illness or injury is a fundamental requirement for receiving Social Security disability benefits. However, as with many aspects of this complex system, it can be difficult to determine precise eligibility guidelines for your case. We know how.

Our attorneys recognize how difficult it can be to acknowledge you can no longer work, or that a disabling condition will prevent a loved one from ever working again. Many people in the communities we serve continue working through constant pain due to financial pressures and uncertainty. To discuss your specific situation with a lawyer and receive informed counsel free of charge, please call Babut Law Offices, PLLC, today at (734) 485-7000.

Focused On Helping You Qualify and Plan for The Future

Applying extensive knowledge of Social Security law and eligibility requirements, we help people qualify for the government benefits they need. While some injuries, physical disabilities, and mental impairments clearly make work impossible, we can also help you evaluate whether:

  • Your current work status or hours will prevent you from receiving DIB or SSI benefits
  • Your likelihood of success obtaining benefits is high, potentially enabling you to stop working and focus on your treatment
  • Now is the right time to start building your disability case for success — given that your condition may be worsening and work becoming more difficult

Answering Key Questions And Acting In Your Best Interests

We welcome potential clients from throughout the Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti, Detroit and Downriver, Lansing, Flint, Jackson and Adrian, Michigan, areas who have had their Social Security benefits claims denied or have questions about work and their eligibility.

Our respected law firm has a track record of success in all phases of the Social Security Disability application and appeal process. We bring insight into the workings of the offices and officials throughout our area to each case. For personal attention to your needs, please call our attorneys today at (734) 485-7000, or contact us online.

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