Attentive Counsel for Clients With Manic-Depressive/Bipolar Disorder

Information published by the National Institute of Mental Health describes bipolar disorder — also called manic-depressive illness — as “a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks.”

We know that people with this illness, diagnosed or not, face incredible challenges when it comes to maintaining a job or even performing life tasks others consider routine. If this describes you, we also realize that a successful application for Social Security Disability benefits — or an appeal if your claim has been denied — is likely crucial for your financial survival and future. We want to help, and we know how.

Were You Denied Social Security Disability Benefits?

As with many other severe mental disabilities, manic-depressive illness/bipolar disorder receives a mention in the Social Security Administration’s list of qualifying impairments — under the category of Affective Disorders. However, the language in place leaves plenty of room for government evaluators to deny a claim based on the “level of severity,” what they see as a lack of medical evidence, or other factors.

Obtaining approvals of denied disability claims for sufferers of mental illness is a proven strength for our attorneys at Babut Law Offices, PLLC. We offer guidance and action including:

  • Solidifying medical evidence that shows the impact of bipolar disorder on your daily life and your ability to perform consistently in any job
  • Ensuring that you always know where your claim stands in the Social Security system and what you can do to improve your chances of approval
  • Providing personalized representation through every phase of your case, including attending a hearing before an administrative law judge empowered to approve your initially denied claim

Contact Our Firm for a Caring, Focused Case Approach

At our firm, you can receive counsel free of charge from an Ypsilanti bipolar disorder attorney with extensive experience winning Social Security appeals. In addition to the Ann Arbor area, we have fully equipped offices in Taylor, Jackson and Adrian, Michigan.

We will focus on your need for benefits and how to build the best case possible for you. As a disability law firm, we earn attorney fees only when we succeed for our clients — which we have done on hundreds of occasions, for hundreds of people who came to us for help. Contact our firm online, or call (734) 485-7000 to address your legal needs today.

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