Protect Your Wages From Garnishment

Have you recently been sued or received a court judgment against you? If so, garnishment of your bank accounts and/or wages, attachment of a lien on your house, and seizure of your vehicle, jewelry, television, and personal property may be coming. Protect yourself by calling the Babut Law Offices, PLLC. Serving families and businesses in southeast Michigan, we have helped thousands of people like you immediately stop funds garnishment. Call us for a free consultation at (734) 485-7000.

Your Money May Disappear Without Notice

Collection agencies often threaten seizure of your assets through garnishment or repossession. The important point to remember is that those threats are empty without a judgment from the courts. If a court ruling is in place, however, your accounts and earnings are in danger of garnishment.

Often, families do not realize their bank accounts have been emptied by creditors until they start receiving insufficient funds notices and accumulating penalties and fees from overdrafts. For paychecks, the human resources manager in payroll likely received notice but may not have forewarned you of the deductions.

You Must Take Immediate Action

You can often recover all or most of the money you have lost through garnishment if you act quickly. The seizure of your bank funds usually occurs only once, but wages may be garnished multiple times. You can legally stop the garnishment in two ways: either paying off your debt or filing for personal bankruptcy.

If you file for bankruptcy in a timely manner and your bank is notified within 30 days of the garnishment, your funds may be returned. Additionally, seized wages greater than $600 can often be returned within 90 days of your filing for personal bankruptcy.

You May Recover Your Garnished Funds

At Babut Law Offices, PLLC, we believe there is no more effective way to stop garnishments, repossessions or creditor harassment than filing for bankruptcy. Our attorneys stand ready to represent your best interests. After discussing your options and deciding how to proceed, our legal team will promptly respond by taking appropriate measures.

As part of our routine, we do same-day bankruptcy filings for our clients, and we notify credit card companies, collections agencies and utilities of the automatic stay. Within a matter of hours of contacting our office, you can experience relief.

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