Pursuing Disability Benefits for Obesity

If you suffer from obesity, you may have been told that you are not eligible for Disability Insurance Benefits (SSDIB). Depending on the facts of your case, the information you received may not be accurate.

The Social Security Administration maintains a list of impairments that are considered severe enough to prevent an individual from performing any gainful activity. While obesity is no longer on the Social Security Administration’s list of impairments, you may still qualify for SSDIB if you suffer from obesity.

To obtain SSDIB, you must have a qualifying disability, which is defined as any physical or mental impairment, or combination of physical and mental impairments, that is expected to significantly impair your ability to work for at least 12 months or which may cause death. It is important to note that at your hearing, the administrative law judge must consider all of your medical conditions that, taken together, may impair your ability to work.

Obesity In Combination With Other Impairments

Unfortunately, obesity is a serious medical condition that can adversely affect an individual’s health in a number of ways. If you are obese, you may be dealing with a number of medical issues that impact your ability to work:

  • Obesity may impact your ability to breathe, especially if you have asthma or have other breathing difficulties
  • Obesity may exacerbate your back pain or knee pain
  • You may find it difficult to move, bend or perform other necessary work tasks
  • You may have an increased risk of heart attack

Let our experienced Social Security Disability lawyers put their experience to work for you. We can provide the knowledgeable advice and vigorous representation you need. If retained to handle your case, we will document the conditions that are impacting your ability to work and make a compelling argument on your behalf that will improve your chances of obtaining SSDIB.

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