Pursuing SSD Benefits for Panic Attacks

People who suffer from panic attacks may find it difficult in some circumstances to maintain gainful employment. Factors that may make it difficult for such individuals to work include:

  • Use of medications that may cause drowsiness, slurred speech or other adverse symptoms
  • Transportation problems if the use of a prescription medication or fear about the sudden onset of a panic attack prevents an individual from driving to work
  • Discrimination by employers, which may make it more difficult to find or maintain employment
  • Recurring fear of panic attacks, which can be immobilizing

Individuals who suffer numerous panic attacks may have a condition known as panic disorder. According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH):

Panic disorder is an anxiety disorder and is characterized by unexpected and repeated episodes of intense fear accompanied by physical symptoms that may include chest pain, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, or abdominal distress.

Signs and Symptoms of a Panic Attack

When you have a panic attack, your heart may pound and you may feel dizzy. You may also feel weak or faint. Your may start to sweat and you may suffer nausea or chest pain. Panic attacks are often accompanied by a fear of impending danger or death.*

If you suffer from panic attacks, you may be entitled to receive Disability Insurance Benefits  (SSDIB). If your ability to work has been significantly impaired due to anxiety, panic attacks or any other physical or mental impairment, speak with a Social Security Disability attorney at Babut Law Offices, PLLC.

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*Source: National Institute of Mental Health

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