What is the Effect of Filing a DIB Appeal?

What is the effect of filing a DIB appeal? That is a critical question that you must consider closely if your application for Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) has been denied.

Due to new laws, people who file a DIB appeal may not file another new application for DIB if they have a current case going through the appeals process. Such individuals may submit a new application once the DIB appeal has been denied, unless they appeal that decision as well, in which case they must wait until that appeals process is concluded.

If you choose not to appeal your DIB denial, you may file a new application for benefits, but there are potential drawbacks to this approach. By choosing to file a new application for Disability Insurance Benefits, you may lose out on your benefits backdated to the time you filed your initial application. You may also have a much harder time winning your new case. The Social Security Administration may use your prior denial against you unless your physical and/or mental disabilities have grown more serious in nature.

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