Securing the Government Benefits You Deserve

When considering applying for Social Security Disability benefits or making key decisions throughout the claims process, many people have questions about the interplay between different types of government assistance.

We encourage you to contact us with your questions. Our experienced southeast Michigan government benefits attorneys are prepared to carefully and thoroughly assess your eligibility for DIB or SSI in light of other benefits you receive. In the effort to maximize your monthly income while you are disabled, we will address:

  • Your ability to receive both veterans’ benefits and Social Security benefits
  • The impact of approval for federal DIB/SSI benefits on your state of Michigan disability assistance
  • Concerns about unemployment and Social Security benefits, given that your eligibility is dependent on your established inability to work
  • Concerns involving private disability insurance

Insight Into Options for People Who Cannot Work

Our focus at Babut Law Offices, PLLC, is squarely on helping people get income they need to live with their disabilities. We discuss various financial plans and alternatives and often direct our clients to other government resources that may provide help with housing, food costs and Medicaid or other insurance.

At our firm, you can count on the responsiveness of a local, experienced lawyer who will prioritize your best interests. We have established offices in Ypsilanti, Taylor, Jackson and Adrian to serve our clients efficiently and responsively. This approach contrasts to that of many firms that advertise nationally and may pass your case along to an attorney or advocate you do not know.

Contact us for Focused, Personalized Representation

Whether you need guidance about your Social Security Disability benefits application or have had your claim denied for reasons you do not fully understand, we can help. Taking a hard look at your options for coordinating benefits is one critical service we provide.

We handle all our Social Security Disability work on a contingency basis, with no charge for your initial consultation and no fees unless we obtain benefits for you. When we prevail — as we have done in hundreds of cases involving reconsideration, a hearing or appeal — we receive a fixed and limited percentage of your back-due benefits. Call our skilled attorneys at (734) 485-7000, or email us today.

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