Aggressive Advocacy for Migraines and Headaches

While migraines and other chronic, severe headaches may be dismissed as a manageable problem by people who do not have them, we understand how disabling they can be. Coping with symptoms ranging from mood swings and hypersensitivity to light to intense pain and vomiting, some migraine sufferers miss work frequently and find it impossible to hold a job.

In recent years, medical exploration of the causes, impact and treatment of migraines has increased, but the Social Security Administration does not specifically list any chronic headache condition as a qualifying impairment. It is possible to obtain disability benefits, but doing so is likely to require the efforts of an experienced attorney. If you have applied and been denied, or you have questions about the application process, we encourage you to call us at (734) 485-7000 today.

Skillfully Demonstrating The Severity and Impact of Your Headaches

Our approach to pursuing the Social Security disability benefits you need will be informed by our knowledge of what government evaluators may look for and consider, such as:

  • Medical reports from a neurologist, headache specialist, pain management specialist or other treating physician
  • Your own testimony as to how often migraines, “cluster headaches” or other chronic headaches occur and how they affect your ability to perform daily activities
  • Whether any medications have been effective in relieving your headache symptoms — and, potentially, the side effects of those medications
  • Evidence we present to document that you also suffer from a severe, potentially related mental disability such as major depression or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Contact Us for Caring Legal Support

Our team of attorneys emphasizes personal attention, compassion and responsiveness as well as legal skill. We understand the importance of your disability claim for your future, and our mission is to build the best case possible for success of your claim on appeal.

Please recognize that if your Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claim is denied, you have only 60 days to file for reconsideration. To work with an Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti chronic headaches lawyer with a track record of success in cases like yours, please request a free consultation now. Call us at (734) 485-7000, or email us today.

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