Thoughtful Ideas to Help You Win Your Case

A large percentage of Social Security cases are denied because of “insufficient information.” The steps you take before your initial Social Security application, hearing or appeal can make all of the difference in your case.

At the law office of Babut Law Offices, PLLC, we want to see you succeed. Below are some tips on putting your best foot forward in Social Security Disability (DIB) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) cases. To learn more, please call our Michigan Social Security lawyers at (734) 485-7000 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Hire An Experienced Social Security Attorney

A skilled DIB/SSI lawyer can nearly double your chances to obtain DIB/SSI medical benefits on appeal. The attorneys at the Michigan Babut Law Offices, PLLC, have helped hundreds of clients reach successful outcomes in Social Security cases. When you want success, experience matters. We understand Social Security law and ready to answer your questions.

Keep Your Medical Records Up to Date

It is extremely important to keep your medical records updated and keep your attorney informed of any changes in your medical condition. The information you supply the court must accurately show your disability as it is today.

Keep Your Address and Phone Number Current

Similarly, you must keep your address and phone number current. If you move or change your cell phone or home phone number, notify your attorney and the Social Security Administration (SSA) right away.

Gather Medical Evidence

Because our law firm has done hundreds of Social Security cases, we are able to help you gather the kind of medical evidence that can make or break a Social Security disability case. We will interview doctors and vocational experts and gather together your medical records to help prove that you have a permanent disability.

Prepare Your Testimony

Our Social Security attorneys will meet with you before your Social Security hearing to help you prepare your testimony and plan for questions about how your disability impairs your ability to work.

Stay Calm

The Social Security Administration process can take months or even years. Denials are common. There are many stages of appeals that lead to many frustrating moments. Our attorneys understand that you are struggling financially and need Social Security disability insurance or social security income as soon as possible. We try to speed up the process for you by presenting your best case early.

Call Our Attorneys for Strong Support

Our experienced Ypsilanti, Taylor, Jackson and Adrian, Michigan, law firm excels at applications, hearings and appeals of disability benefits and income legal issues. Call us today at (734) 485-7000 to learn more. You may also contact our firm online.

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