Capable Assistance for Clients With Major Depression and Anxiety

People who suffer from major depression, severe anxiety and other serious mental conditions may see every workday as an impossible mountain to climb. The focus, endurance and other qualities needed to carry out simple tasks simply are not there, and powerful medications to control such mental conditions can be disabling in and of themselves.

Our Social Security Disability lawyers have helped many people struggling with major depression obtain either Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), depending on their specific circumstances. You can turn to us with confidence in our ability to evaluate your case, offer honest guidance and take action on your behalf.

Compassionate and Effective Advocacy

Depression and anxiety are listed as qualifying medical conditions by the Social Security Administration. Our attorneys look hard at each potential client’s case with a genuine desire to help, and we do not turn people with legitimate claims away simply because they have a hard-to-prove disability.

Providing Strong Strategies for Each Case

If our knowledge and experience indicates you qualify for DIB or SSI benefits, we will develop the strongest case possible for your success on reconsideration or appeal. Our approach may include:

  • Carefully analyzing the reason given for your claim denial and tailoring our advocacy accordingly
  • Strengthening the medical evidence of your disability by directing you to a psychiatrist or other mental health specialist
  • Modifying the way your diagnosis, test results and other information relevant to your case are presented to an administrative law judge or the Social Security Appeals Council
  • Developing your case for benefits based on a combination of depression and physical disabilities that contribute to its severity and duration

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