Find Relief from Credit Card Debts

Since the beginning of the recent economic struggles in the U.S., individuals and families across the country were attempting to stay afloat and pay their bills any way that they could. This included more reliance on credit cards for daily expenses. However, this reliance resulted in increasing credit card balances and people becoming unable to pay even the minimums on these cards.

Instead of deciding not to make any more payments on the credit card and leave the credit card company seeking a judgment against you, we at the law firm of Babut Law Offices, PLLC, can help you understand how bankruptcy may be an option for you. Our firm can review your credit card debts and recommend a course of action that helps you get back on your feet. Call our lawyers today at (734) 485-7000 to discuss your case and needs.

Credit Card Debt Representation

Credit card debt is often dischargeable in bankruptcy, as it is usually unsecured debt. This means that no collateral was used when the credit was obtained. Our firm can help you gather all of the documentation and paperwork pertaining to your credit card debts so they can be thoroughly listed in the bankruptcy filing. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy debt discharge will give you a fresh start and erase your credit card debt while a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will put you on a debt repayment plan and allow you to make reasonable and affordable payments on your credit card debt.

Stop Wage Garnishment and Creditor Harassment

In many instances, a credit card company utilizes any method it can in order to get the money that is owed to it. This can include having your wages garnished and having collection agencies continuously contacting you about the debt. Not only can these activities be embarrassing and overwhelming, but they may affect all aspects of your life. Filing for bankruptcy establishes an automatic stay, which stops all collection activities against you.

Contact our Diligent Attorneys for Counsel

Credit card debt is dischargeable in bankruptcy. An experienced lawyer at the office of Babut Law Offices, PLLC, can meet with you during a free initial consultation and discuss your specific credit card debt situation. With four locations in southeast Michigan, we provide quality legal services at an affordable price. Contact us by calling (734) 485-7000 or by sending an email.

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