Do DIB Benefits Affect Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

As a law firm that works on a daily basis with people who are seeking Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB), we are often asked if an award of DIB will impact an individual’s receipt of workers’ compensation benefits. The simple answer is yes.

If you are awarded workers’ compensation benefits, you will either receive a workers’ compensation benefits check at regular intervals or you will enter into a lump sum settlement agreement that pays you a one-time sum in compensation of your workers’ compensation claim. If you are receiving periodic workers’ compensation benefits, there will be a dollar for dollar setoff. If you receive a lump sum settlement, your DIB benefits will be prorated.

Am I Eligible for DIB?

People who receive workers’ compensation benefits are not automatically eligible for Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB). Workers’ compensation provides wage benefits to help people who have suffered a work-related injury or illness. Since workers’ compensation benefits often include the word disability such as permanent partial disability or temporary total disability, it is easy for people to get confused.

To be eligible for DIB, you must have a physical or mental disability that is expected to impair your ability to work for at least 12 months, or which may cause death. Additional work requirements apply as well. Visit our DIB and SSI eligibility page to learn more.

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