Pursuing Social Security Disability Claims Over Age 50

We meet many people throughout southeast Michigan who worked hard for decades and never anticipated a need to apply for Social Security disability benefits. Unfortunately, many plans are changed by events such as sustaining a life-changing back injury, suffering a stroke or the onset of a debilitating mental impairment.

Although obtaining Social Security disability benefits is never easy or automatic, the criteria for determining “total disability” from work are different for over-age-50 applicants than for younger people. In fact, the burden of proof is further reduced at age 55 and 60. For guidance on your application or representation targeting a successful appeal of your denied benefits claim, please call Babut Law Offices, PLLC, at (517) 768-0187.

Thoroughly Evaluating and Diligently Pursuing Over-Age-50 Claims

We strive to consistently offer counsel in our clients’ overall best interests, spelling out the obstacles and decision points we see based on many years’ experience with Social Security Disability cases. This counsel is informed by our deep experience and knowledge that:

  • Now may be the best time to apply for benefits if you stopped working some time ago due to disability and have recently reached age 50.
  • Social Security Administration (SSA) officials may recognize, for example, that an older person who performed physical labor over a lengthy career may not qualify for other types of work.
  • Claiming your Social Security Disability benefits may be an important step even if you collect other government assistance such as veteran’s benefits at the federal or state level.

Contact us for Personal, Caring Attention from a Proven Lawyer

Every person’s medical condition, work history and other circumstances form a unique picture, and we will treat your case accordingly. For counsel you can trust, we encourage you to meet with one of our personable, experienced lawyers in Ypsilanti, Taylor, Adrian or Jackson. The consultation will be free and we typically represent Social Security Disability applicants on a “no-win; no attorney fees” basis. Call our firm at (517) 768-0187, or email us today.

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