Securing and Providing Compelling Medical Evidence

Although reasons for DIB and SSI claim denials vary across a wide spectrum of technical and financial issues, most decisions must ultimately be made based on medical evidence that you have a “qualifying impairment” that prevents you from working for a year or longer.

Gathering the right medical evidence and presenting it appropriately for SSA decision-maker review could be the pivotal requirement for you to get the financial help you need. From a free case evaluation forward, our attorneys will do justice to this key component of your claim.

In-Depth Knowledge of How to Gather and Present Medical Evidence

The Social Security Administration currently has a large backlog of disability hearings and appeals, pushing the timeline for a decision if you have been denied out to two years or even longer. Your success in getting approved for benefits could rest on factors including:

  • The conclusiveness and credibility of a doctor’s diagnosis of your condition
  • Availability of supporting test results, such as those from MRIs, biopsies and psychological evaluations
  • Your persistence in seeking and receiving medical treatment, including taking prescribed medications and attending regular appointments

At Babut Law Offices, PLLC, we understand the economic realities our disabled clients must cope with and we do all we can to help. Specifically, we can offer guidance about assistance and alternatives available if you do not have medical insurance and cannot afford the services required to document and prove your disability.

With well over four decades of combined experience representing disabled people and their families, our team of attorneys is well equipped to assess your case and any missing components. At the hearing or appeals stage, we may call upon physicians for supporting diagnoses and testimony.

Speak With an Experienced Social Security Disability Lawyer

Whether you suffer from a physical injury or debilitating condition such as a cardiac or lung disorder, or a mental disability such as major depression or PTSD, we can help you decide whether and how to proceed in your quest for federal government benefits. To speak directly with an attorney in Ypsilanti, Taylor, Jackson or Adrian about your case, please call (517) 768-0187 or email us today.

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