Tips for helping an elderly parent find a good care facility

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2022 | Estate Planning

There are many options to consider when it is time to move a parent into a care facility. Finding the best fit takes time and is challenging if you do not know what to look for.

Determine which facilities accept your parent’s insurance or fit within their budget and schedule a visit. Keep these tips in mind when you tour the locations.

Look for comfortable living spaces

An ideal venue makes your parent happy and comfortable in their personal area. Living space varies depending on the following preferences:

  • shared rooms or private apartments
  • furnished spaces or the option to bring personal belongings
  • private versus shared bathrooms
  • personal kitchens or food only in a cafeteria
  • pet-friendly area or service animals only

Consider your parent’s hobbies

If your parent is still independent, look for facilities that provide entertainment. Some places have libraries, movie rooms, community events and parties. Larger establishments might have outdoor gardens, workshops and regular field trips. Finding a place that offers as many of the things your parent enjoys makes a change in living arrangements easier.

Keep the long-term in mind

Look for a facility that can care for your parent long-term. An ideal location provides different levels of care as your parent ages.

  • Are ramps and doorways wide enough for walkers and wheelchairs
  • Is nursing care available without moving rooms
  • Can staff manage medications
  • Do physicians oversee resident care

Long-term care facilities are costly, and your parent should not have to settle for an undesirable location based on budget. Encourage your parent to prepare with asset management long before the need arises.


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