Understanding SSDI or SSI Attorney’s Fees

For anyone facing a disabling injury, illness or other condition that has prevented a return to work, fees for legal advice and representation may be a concern. Most people in this situation are already facing pressure from lost income, medical expenses and a host of other financial and personal challenges.

Just like personal injury or medical malpractice cases involving a plaintiff’s claim for damages, applicants for Social Security Disability benefits can receive legal services on a contingency fee basis. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has approved a contingency fee process that allows applicants to work with a disability lawyer and pay no fees unless they qualify for benefits.

Better yet, legal fees are not paid until the applicant actually begins to receive benefits. In other words, a contingency fee arrangement gives a disability attorney a stake in helping the client succeed. This also means that clients have access to a free consultation to learn about their options and prospects from the outset.

Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits are governed by strict legal guidelines and require exacting proof of the condition that prevents a person from working. Clients who secure the services of a Michigan DIB lawyer receive comprehensive advice and representation, from compiling medical records to presenting a client’s case at hearings and on appeal.

Concerns about affordable legal representation in disability cases should never present a barrier to disabled individuals who want an experienced advocate on their side. An attorney who has handled a wide variety of disability claims can provide targeted advice to individuals who suffer from physical and mental illnesses and other conditions, while explaining the details of SSA timelines.

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